MATT is a special and customized bridge between art and the artists, art and its public, art and its collectors, art and its beholders.

With its finest artistic- and cultural competence, MATT is a special and customized bridge between art and the artists, art and its public, art and its collectors, art and its beholders. The highly qualified staff helps the artists to produce and offer their art and supports collectors and patrons to find the artworks they want; and art supporters either as individuals or as corporations, to choose the best art option for their private and public spaces. MATT is about counselling, produ- cing, owing and displaying. MATT is about inspiring the art world.
New Technology

MATT pays a special attention to the most recent achievements in tech- nology such as light art, digital art and other media, related to the new ways of representing the life and the world. This is a field that overlaps many fields of contemporary art and that has much to say about public art and public spaces.


has been declared dead many times in the 20th century, but it is more alive than ever. It has expanded its domain to new pillars, other than the traditional canvas, in different sizes and formats, and it is still a leading actor in the visual arts. Most of the world’s main artists are painters which is a clear proof of the significance of this médium.


still is a major form of art and expression. The death of the book has been announced over and over again, but it is in a better condition than ever before. More books are published and read now than in the past, either in their physical or in the new digital format. Libraries are being adapted to catch up with the new media and more significantly new amazing archi- tectural projects are being developed to host its main inhabitant, the book. Besides, literature is the privileged mean for revealing and debating ideas, the main drive for human development. The human kind is the animal that tells itself stories – and the book is still the main media for that.

Performing Arts

in the early 20th century, music, dance and the visual arts have proven to be a highly innovative combination in the making of new art forms. It suffices to remember the cooperation between Stravinsky and Diaghilev’s Russian Ballets, the participation of Picasso in the making of the scenography of prestigious musical events, such as the ballet “Parade”, and of Kazimir Malevich in the revolutionary futurist opera “Victory over the sun”. Today, artists coming from the visual arts domain have also dedi- cated themselves to the performance, extending the perspectives of this field with new energy. Theatre, music, visual arts gather together, to become the most powerful art incubator and as such they are important players in the creative scene and its passage into innovation.

Art & Business

Art has been linked to the market from the beginning of its formal history. More recently, corporations of all sizes and kinds have come to under- stand their social responsibility towards arts and culture and started to consider them not only as a pleasant, definitely necessary counterpart to their physical sites, but as a social end in itself. MATT will do its best, in order to connect art and business either as an investment, a tool or a social program.


Photography is one of the most cherished art forms at the moment, every- where. The younger audiences accept photography as their most intimate expression – and they should, since they practice it on a daily basis in their communication via cell phones, Facebook, Instagram and other me- dia. Usually, photography also represents the first step in collecting art, its prices on the world art market have been rising steadily and the artists are always developing new and exciting languages for this medium. The kind of representation of the world that it offers is both, familiar, when photos are taken with the help of simple media such as cell phones, and at the same time surprising, when high technical approaches are chosen.

Art on paper

is one of the oldest forms of art, at the same time intimate and open to new experiments concerning the size, which makes it a surprising part of the art world. It is the perfect counterpart to the New Technologies, even con- cerning the idea of what paper is and has been.


inevitable, essential. It was actually a musician, Beethoven, who advanced an idea, that can’t be refuted: Art and science are the highest expressions of the human mind. MATT is deeply committed to music in all kinds.

Art & Architecture

is a label that includes both, public art and architecture itself. It addres- ses the art that is displayed in public places like city squares, streets, gardens, public or private atriums and and the interaction with the surrounding environment that gets most of its meaning from the surrounding environment with which it interacts. It also refers to ARCHITECTUREas a vibrant contemporary art form in its own right. Examples of this general acceptance of contemporary architecture by the art audiences can be seen everywhere. Visual artists cooperate with architects in order to give new meanings to urban life. Architectural competitions extended possibilities for public involvement which attracts a wide range of artistic and social interest.
This is a topic that attracts a wide range of artistic and social interest.